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With the exception of as if not clearly stated in reference to our goods, all contents of the website are provided on an "as is" basis without any service contract or assurance of quality at all either express or disguised. or R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. makes no demonstrations, articulates and disguised that includes restriction implied contracts of merchantability and appropriateness for a particular reason.
We or R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. don’t offer any warranty or guarantee about the consistency and accuracy of utilities enclosed in the website. Also, we don’t guarantee of about the server. It may contain viruses and other components. Such issues can be there whether we are aware about them or not.

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To our best knowledge, all the products and material given on the website is confined. Our logo, content and other properties are legal properties of our company - R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Some trademarks and other materials can be represented here on our site for promotion or advertisement purpose. So, all rights are not held in reserve.

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Our visitors can use the material available on the sire for shopping purpose or to get the details and information. No one is allowed to share, edit, demonstrate and transmit any of the content included on the website in one or other way. The visitors are permitted to hold, protect and assure the components included on the site We don’t take any responsibility of any unauthorized use of any material of the website. Any illegal use of content, information and other details can cause irretrievable harm to R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We are liable to take any action against the person who has miss-used our information in one or other way.

Feedback and Submissions:

The visitors are completely answerable for all the acquiescence they make on the site. The visitors are not allowed submit any offensive, abusive, slanderous or illegal stuff. No one is allowed to make any submission to the site that can be harmful for our reputation. Additionally, the visitors are not permitted to submit any offensive about any third party whether it is about copyright, logo, proprietary or anything else. We appreciate your thoughts but we can’t accept any proposal for design, products, brand, etc. you may have.
As a result, any stuff you propose to will be believe a endowment of a royalty-free non-exclusive precise and certificate to use, replicate, revise, demonstrate, convey, acclimatize, issue, interpret, create imitative works from and share out these materials right through the world in any way and through any process of allocation, broadcast and exhibit whether now known or henceforth devised. Additionally, you deserve that all supposed "ethical privileges" have been relinquished
R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. authenticates that it will firmly save visitor’s data as presented by the visitors on the website. We will keep your information confidential including your name and contact details, etc. The data and details of visitors will be visible on site after the approval of R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and its associates. R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and can use the information to update the visitors about special offers, new arrivals and other details.


Welcome to R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. !!
We, a unit of R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are an online shopping portal offering a extensive assortment of products and services. Our services are available in some selected locations of India. Here we are sharing our contract and privacy policy regulating the association between the visitors and potential clients and We advise and request you all to check our privacy policy and contract before making any transaction. If you accept the term and conditions, it will be considered a legal obligatory agreement between you and R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Here are privacy policy and agreement associated with Payment, Delivery and Returns Policy, etc. of, R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Our website is managed and controlled by a unit of R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We are a company based in NOIDA, India and our registered organization. The contract is issued by R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It is believed that you accept the contract and privacy policy if you are placing an order or buying something form
Here are our terms and conditions:


"Contract" refers to terms and conditions explained here. The contract consists of appendices, right of information, payment, and more. We R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd are solely liable to modify, change and add-on the privacy policy at any point of time without any prior notice. is our portal that allows you to buy products online. This portal is in possession of R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and it provides a platform where the visitors can buy products listed on the website. We also offer a platform to the sellers who can advertise and sell their products on
Merchant/ Retailer/ Associate is a term used for those who selling the products and services on our site.
Customer/ shopper is a term used for those who are interested in buying the products available on
Here we are using ‘User’ and ‘You’ for each seller, buyer and visitor who wants to use any product or services or information given on the website.


You correspond to and justify that you are knowledgeable and entitled to go into legally requisite contract. Also, you have the indispensable right to combine the other party to this harmony. You are not permitted use this website if you are not entitled to contract under the appropriate rules and conventions.


This contract shall keep on being in full oblige and effect for last as you are using the website. offers the online shopping portal wherein the users can purchase the goods and services listed on it.
When it comes to payment related policy, we advise you to read the terms and conditions carefully. If you are making the payment, it is believed that you are agreed with our privacy and payment policy. You are supposed to follow all rules and regulations mentioned in the contract.


Both and user (sellers/buyers) are free to cancel the contract at any point of time whether with a reason or without a reason. We R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. hold back the right to terminate your right to use the products and services available on the website or any other segment with or without any prior notice and explanation.

Modification of Terms and Conditions: or R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. reserve the right to alter or revise the privacy policies any time without any prior announcement. You can check-out the same page for updated version of contract any time. You are recommended to check out this page frequently especially when you proceed to pay. You can discontinue any time if you are not agreed to our terms and conditions. However, if you continue, we believe that you accept the customized rules and regulations.

Online Shopping Platform:

You further in agreement and accept that you have a right to use the services available on and manage at your own risk and are using your best and cautious verdict before inflowing into any deal all the way through R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is not responsible for any faults or errors, whether on behalf of its own or third parties.
The address at which you want us to deliver the products purchased by you should be correct and accurate in all respects. R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will deliver the products only after getting the payment. In case if it is cash on delivery, we will dispatch the products after receiving the receipt
All the products for which you have placed the order are considered as purchased and you are required to complete the transaction in anyway. We advice you check to details and descriptions of the products carefully. Check out the item description before placing an order and read the agreement carefully.

Product Pricing:

We always offer current and updated price list of all the products we are offering. Although we took special care of every detail but errors may take place in data entry. We have a right terminate the order in case a deal has been finished where the price designated was not accurate. Although, it is not happened generally but in case if it takes place, we will make a refund to the customer.
As we offer our products and services in Indian market only so we offer the price list in Indian Rupees only. If you will use any international card or any other payment method, you are applicable to pay the tax, extra charges and exchange rate. We have no authority to do anything in this case. We are not responsible for any dispute with the bank or any other third party. We just charge for the product only as given on the website. We will make an invoice of the product and only and the exchange rate might be charged by the bank. We are not answerable for same. The prices of products might be changed on regular basis so you should check the price immediately before placing the order.
Our products are accountable for VAT in India. Also, Company may agree to follow unusual pricing tactics when and where necessary, consequently prices of product may have some difference in different cities on

Out of Stock situations:

We try our level best and make sure that all products listed on the site are accessible for the buyers. However, if any of the products is not in stock, we will contact you within 2 working days. Depending on the situation and your wish we may have a deal to exchange, holdup or withdraw the order.

Payment Options:

You can pay us through any payment method convenient for you. Here are some payment options available for you -
a) Domestic and international credit cards
b) Visa and Master-card Debit cards
c) Net banking
d) Cash on Delivery
As approved by the monetary association issuing the credit or debit cards allied with Visa, Master-card and AMEX you are supposed to offer 16-digit credit card number, card expiry date and 3-digit CVV number for making online transaction using the Credit or Debit card. You should also have register your Credit Card with VBV (Verified by Visa) or MSC (MasterCard Secure Code) to complete the deal.
You are agreed to pay in reference to R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. In your bank statement, R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will be reflected. You might get the name of your bank and any other payment gateway. You need to complete the transaction of to place the order
Once you place your order we suppose that you are agreeing to the terms and conditions and payment policy available in the appropriate section of the website or associated site where specifically referred to such allied websites. Subsequent to making the selection and added products to your shopping cart, you will need to continue to the checkout segment.
In this subdivision you need to provide address and other contact details along with payment related information. Once the payment has been made, we will re-direct to the bank or Credit Card Company for acceptance. Afterward we will deliver the products on your given address

Immediate Price Adjustment:

Cost of any product may be different in the real statement due to our last minute deals and revised product MRP. In such situation, we will refund the difference in 3-5 working days after the delivery of products.
Postponement due to disobedience with contract:
Despite of other officially permitted remedies that may be available to R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. , the Company may in its sole judgment limit User activity by instantly eliminating User listing either for the short term or forever or postpone or cease User association, and/or decline to supply User with admission to the site.
• If the User is in break any of rule of contract;
• If the User has provided incorrect, wrong, unfinished or false details;
• If any actions of User is harmful for the reputation of R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. or

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