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We may collect might collect some personal details including full name, email address, contact number and contact address, Demographic profile (like your age, gender, and profession , etc.). In addition, we keep the information about the pages on the site you visit, the links you check out on the site, and other such browsing details.


Anyone who is "incompetent to contract" within the implication of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 together with un-discharged bankrupt etc. are not qualified to use the If you are a not 18 years but at least 13 years of age you can use the website only under the direction of legal guardian who accept and understand these Terms of Use. Parents can handle the payment and other things for such users. You are banned from buying any fabric which is for adults only.

License & Right to Use

R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. awards you a limited sub-license to sign in the website for a short duration of time. However, no one is allowed to make personal use of this website in any way. Also, we don’t allow you to resale any product. It is illegal to make any profitable use of this site or any of its components. No one is allowed to download or copy any information for the benefit of another commercial entity. or any of its segments may not be copied, traded or visited. We are liable to take a legal step against it if something is done without our prior confirmation and any written permission. You may not enclose or exploit framing techniques to encircle any trade name, symbol, or other material of R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and its associates without written approval.

Account & Registration Compulsions

It is supposed that all the registered users provide accurate and right details for communication. By approving the rules and regulations, the shoppers consent to accept promotional messages and newsletters upon registration. The users are free to unsubscribe us any time.


MRP and other cost of the products available on site are specific. The prices referred at the time of ordering will be charged at the time of receiving the product. If there will be any difference in the cost, it will be charged or refunded at the time of the delivery. The cost might be changed in between placing the order and delivery date.


Request of Cancellation will be entertained if it is received within 2 working days after placing the order. You can cancel the order online or over the call. You can talk to our sales representatives and customer care experts to cancel the order. We will issue a refund if we will make get a cancellation request on time. It might take up to 6-7 days to refund the money

Cancellation by

If we suppose any fake contract by any client or any matter which confronts the terms & conditions of using, we are free to cancel such orders. We keep a record of falsified transactions and clients and can ban the right of entry or cancel their orders.
Although every attempt has been made to tag the products precisely by us but errors in data entry and updating may take place. R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has the right to revoke the order in case a deal has been made where the prices pointed out was not the accurate. In the exceptional affair that happens, we will give a full reimbursement of all money paid by the clients. We reserve the right to cancel any order for the areas where we don’t offer our services.

Money back

R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. facilitate the clients with "no questions asked return policy" which enables all our clients to return the product at the time of delivery if they are not pleased with product because of one or any other reason. However, the request of return should be made at the time of delivery.
We will take the returned item back with us and issue a refund within 14 days. You might need to pay shipping bill in case of return. Delivery Guidelines
Selecting a delivery slot is also important before placing an order. We will try our level best to ship the product according to your preferred slot. We will inform the clients if we are not able to deliver the order within the time duration. We have a team of various vehicles and team of delivery personal to ensure safe and on-time delivery to the clients. We don’t charge any fee for delivery the products.

Terms of Agreement

1. That you will pay us extra for re-delivery if it is failed because of your mistake in address or contact details.
2. You will use the services provided by, its products, for legal purposes only and obey with all appropriate rules and regulations.
3. That you will provide genuine and accurate details in all illustrations wherever required. reserves the right to verify and authenticate such details. If it is fine wrong or fake true (wholly or partly), we can refuse the registration and ban you from using our site.
4. That you are using the services of R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. at your solitary risk and are using your best and careful verdict before proceeding.
5. That before placing an order you will check the product description.

You are not allowed to use the site for any of the following purposes:

1. Distributing any illegal, irritating, slanderous, offensive, aggressive, destructive, or other distasteful stuff.
2. Broadcasting stuff of the website, which encourage a criminal offence or results in civil liability in any manner.
3. Gaining not permitted access to other computer systems.
4. Breaching any appropriate laws.
5. Interfering or troublemaking networks or web sites linked to the site.
6. Making, broadcasting or storing copies of materials sheltered by copyright without the consent of the proprietor.

Alteration Rights

R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has a right to amend and change the Terms & Conditions of Use of the website without any prior notice to you. You can check out most recent edition of these Terms & Conditions at any given time on the Site. We give advice you to frequently review this page. You should cease the service if you don’t accept the terms and conditions.

Leading Commandment and Authority

This user conformity shall be interpreted in compliance with the appropriate laws of India. The Courts at Noida (nearby court) shall have elite authority in any events arising out of this contract. Any dispute or difference what's more in explanation or else, of any terms of this User accord between the users and site hereto, the same shall be referred to an self-governing authority who will be appointed by R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and his verdict shall be final and obligatory on the parties hereto. The above settlement shall be in concurrence with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 as adjusted from time to time. The arbitration shall be held in Noida (nearby court).

Exclusive Rights & Brand Name

R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd., its dealers and partners specifically preserve all rational property rights in all wording, plans, items, procedures, content and other resources, which appear on this Access to this Website does not accessible and shall not be measured as awarded upon everyone any permit under any of R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. or any third party's rational property rights. All civil liberties, including copyright, in this website have possession of R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Any use of this website or its components, including duplicating or stocking up it or them completely or partially, other than for your own personal, non-commercial use is illegal with no acquiescence of R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. You may not transform issue or re-post something on this for any purpose. The logo and trades and all associated product and service names, trademarks and motto are the logo or service marks of R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd., its associates or its retailers.
Apart from our logo and trademark, our site may consist of logo and trademark of our associates and partners. No brand or examination mark permit is settled in association with the resources restricted on this site. Access to this does not approve anybody to use any name, tagline or sign in any manner. R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is not accountable for the content of any third party whether it is support or proposal, information, product or service. We can’t make you assure about accuracy regarding content and other stuff of third party.
Many of our associates and representatives may show their logo and trade on the website. If you are going to use their services, do it at your own risk. We are not liable for any action you will make in reference to third party. All materials, including descriptions, copy, figures, layouts, programs, video and content and other component are proposed exclusively for individual, non-commercial use. You may keep the text and other materials displayed on the website for your individual use only.

Offensive substances

Being a responsible user, you should understand that by using this website or any service provided on the site, you may come across text that may be believed by some to be unpleasant, offensive, or intolerable, which content may or may not be recognized per se. You agree to use the website and any service at your sole threat and that to the fullest amount permitted under appropriate law, R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and its partners shall have no legal responsibility to you for text that may be deemed rude and unpleasant to you.

Immediate Price Modifications

We tag the products carefully but the cost may change at last minute because of various reasons. In such situations we will make a refund in 3-5 working days after the delivery.


By accessing you are supposed to agree to protect and indemnify the company.
Its human resources, management, and executives from and against any and all argues, accountabilities, compensations, defeats, costs and expenditures, including lawyer's fees, caused by claims based upon your actions or effective, which may outcome in accountability to R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. or any third party.


This user accord is well-organized unless and until accomplished by either you or R. W. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. You may terminate this user accord at any occasion, provided that you terminate any further use of this We are legal free to terminate this agreement at any time and instantly without notice

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